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Canadian Permanent Residents: How to Apply?

Do you wish to become a permanent residence in Canada? The Canada PR process involves determining your eligibility for PR, adhering to given requirements and completing the PR application.

Canada is a perfect choice and a dream country for many aiming to relocate. It offers a great lifestyle combined with a beautiful and serene environment. You can regard it as a country with varied growth opportunities for immigrants with diverse job profiles. Easy immigration policies, minimal crime rate, and health care benefits act as icing on the cake for determined applicants.

What is Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

Canada PR is a family visa. It is given to the candidate for five years where after 3 years of living there he/she can apply for citizenship. Following are some of the benefits that a candidate acquires after receiving a Canada PR Visa:

  • Right for permanent residency
  • Right to sponsor eligible family members
  • Right to apply for Canadian Citizenship
  • Right for freedom to work
  • Right for access to subsidized education
  • Right to social Security services and benefits.

Some added advantages that are complied with the PR are as follows

  1. Social security to the people
  2. Basic pension
  3. Lodging for low-income individuals
  4. Worker’s compensation
  5. Unemployment assurance

How to apply for Canada PR?

You can apply for a Canada PR visa through various immigration programs but the most suitable, easy and apt program are explained below:

Federal Skilled Worker Program: earlier you would need 67 points eligibility criteria as per the FSW point Calculator. To be eligible, apply for Express Entry Program.


Provincial Nominee Program: It is by far the fastest and the easiest method to immigrate to Canada with less IELTS band score. In this program, Canadian provinces and territories are allowed to nominate individuals interested in settling in a particular province. This program gives options to candidates to apply and dodge the two biggest barriers that are a Canada PR visa with 5 bands in IELTS and Canada PR visa without a Job Offer.

Are you eligible to apply for a Canada PR Visa?

To be eligible for different immigration programs offered by Canada you must qualify to obtain at least 67 points out of 100 under the below-mentioned eligibility factors:

1. Age: The correct age group is 18 to 35 years. For the Express Entry program. Applicants above the age group of 35 years are given lesser points and the maximum age limit under the express entry program is 45 years. If you are between 18 – 35 years of age you can earn high points in the FSW point’s calculator. For candidates above 45 years of age, they have an option of Provincial Nominee Program

2. Qualification: Certificate for Canadian or Canadian higher secondary education equivalent that can be a diploma or bachelor’s or master’s degree in any field. Kindly note that it is a mandatory requirement to qualify for immigrating to Canada.

3. Language Ability: You need to qualify for the language test. At least a score of 6 bands is required in every English Language Test module.

4. Adaptability:Whether you are married or in a common-law relationship, and your spouse or partner will also immigrate to Canada with you, it fetches you an extra 10 points for adaptability.

5 Main Categories for Canadian Permanent Residents

Express Entry

Express Entry program manages applications of PR for immigrants who can fill jobs in place of lack of availability of skilled Canadian workers. This is through certain economic immigration programs.

Business Immigration

Canada’s Business Immigration Program is a route to invest in Canada for immigrants and newcomers. Implied they must have experience in owning, managing or investing in businesses.

Family Class Immigration

Family sponsorship is a way to reunify families in Canada. Canadian citizens and permanent residents are eligible to sponsor their family members to settle in Canada through several sponsorship programs.

Canadian Experience Class

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) aims to help temporary foreign workers and foreign students to use their work experience and education towards their applications for residency.

Provincial Nominee Program

The Provincial Nominee Program or PNP is for skilled workers. It implies skills, education, and work experience to contribute to the economy. This is specific to Canadian provinces or Territories. Each province and territory have their streams and programs that target students, business people, skilled workers, and semi-skilled workers.

Adjusting Temporary Status to PR

Even if you are in Canada temporarily to live, work, or study, you have a chance to adjust your status to permanent residency.

Work Permit : Apply for permanent residency through a work permit. This is very common and it can be done through the following:

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

Study Permit – Are you an international student in Canada and you are looking for permanent residency? The most successful way to obtain permanent residency is to apply for the Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) program.

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